Cell Phone Policy


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Cell phone policy below:


As the Fahs Board and staff prepare to welcome your children to Sophia Fahs RE Camp, we want to provide parents and guardians with some additional information regarding our policy on electronic devices at camp.

Cell phones, tablets, iPads, etc., with internet connectivity can be used to take pictures and share personal images on the internet. This can create significant privacy and safety concerns for some of our campers. Cell phone use at camp may also undermine a camper’s ability to be truly present and inclusive during our week together as an intentional community. For these reasons, cell phones and any internet or cell accessible devices are strictly prohibited at Sophia Fahs RE camp.

We ask that you respect our policy and take the time to discuss it with your camper so that they understand why this policy is important. It’s about safety and being with each other. We strongly recommend that campers leave all electronics devices at home. In the event that a camper ignores this advice, Sophia Fahs RE Camp cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of electronic devices. Our insurance policy will not cover their replacement. You can help us keep Sophia Fahs RE Camp a safe space by making sure you secure your camper’s electronic devices before they check in at registration.

We are serious about protecting the safety and integrity of our community. Please take note of our cell phone/electronics policy which is reiterated below:

Absolutely no electronic devices with internet or cell connection will be permitted at Fahs. This includes cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, etc. Fahs does not permit these items for reasons of privacy, safety, security, accountability, and possibility of theft. Please leave them at home. Because of past abuses of this rule, any electronic devices with cell/internet connection capability that are brought to camp must be given to parents or turned in at registration. If these items are found during camp, they will be immediately confiscated by the FAHS staff. Approximately one week following completion of camp, the confiscated items may be returned to the camper, for a minimum fee of $100 (certified check or money order). No exceptions.

By signing below, I agree to the above stated policy and also agree that any device confiscated under the above policy becomes the property of Fahs camp.
I agree that I will not hold Fahs camp or any camp staff responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of any confiscated device.
I also understand that items confiscated by the camp will not be returned at camp or during check-out.
If confiscated items are returned, they will be made available for pick-up approximately one week following completion of camp, subject to a fee of $100.

All campers and parents of campers MUST sign this policy in order to attend camp.