LILI – Long Island Leadership Institute

The Long Island Leadership Institute (LILI) is a leadership program developed to create a pool of leaders within all UU Congregations and UU Societies on Long Island. Graduates, when asked, will have the knowledge and leadership capabilities through leadership training to step-up to leadership roles within their spiritual community.

LILI was created more than 7 years ago by members of the ministry and congregational members from several Long Island UU faith communities. LILI originally provided an Annual Leadership Program with a format of 6 all-day Saturday sessions facilitated by professional UU staff. LILI has been an evolving leadership program wherein following the conclusion of the offerings, the Steering Committee and the Dean re-visit feedback from participants, as well as congregations. The dedicated LILI Steering Committee members from many UU congregations with consultation and support from Metro District, CERG and more recently LIAC have developed a more amenable leadership training program which is now available to the entire Long Island UU community.

How to contact us
Please contact a Steering Committee member from the list below who represents your congregation or society. Otherwise, please feel free to contact: Richard Hall, the current Dean, or Chris Morris, Co-Dean.

Richard Hall, rhall@firecominc.com, Stony Brook

LILI Co-Dean

Christina Morris, cmorris37@optonline.net, Shelter Rock

Steering Committee

Laura D'Angelo, ldangelo@optonline.net, Freeport
TBD, Huntington
Erica Riki Birk, birkny@aol.com, Shelter Rock
Dr. Karin Lyngstad-Hughes, karindc@optonline.net, Shelter Rock
Carol McHugh, Cmc232@yahoo.com, Shelter Rock